False eyelashes for volume eyelash extension method





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Mixed 6mm-13mm 9mm 10mm 11mm
Ultra-soft and flexible
Tightly-woven and handcrafted
Structure imitating real eyelashes
Many options to choose from


The false lash extensions - Nanolash Volume Lashes are the perfect choice for your salon. Each tray contains 16 rows of handmade, synthetic lashes with deep color that can enhance any gaze perfectly.

The soft and resilient silk lashes with a sleek matte finish ensure phenomenal lightness and feature a shape that deceptively resembles a fan of natural lashes. Choose quality that can meet your expectations and satisfy your clients.

Volume Lashes


Nanolash Volume Lashes allow you to customize the product to your and your clients' needs. They work well for both classic and volume lash extension methods. We provide false eyelashes with the most coveted curl types.

They come in a tray with mixed lengths lashes from 6 to 13 mm or with a single length of your choice: 9, 10, or 11 mm. The lashes are set on a glue strip and come off it easily, ensuring an efficient application. Their texture is perfect for creating lash fans, whether using the shimmy or rolling on the strip method.

Volume Lashes


Working with Nanolash Volume Lashes is very simple. After thoroughly cleaning and degreasing the client's lashes and separating bottom lashes, start the standard application of false eyelashes .

Grab the lashes at the base so as not to damage their delicate structure. Depending on the selected eyelash extension method (classic or volume), peel off one lash at a time from the strip, or create a lash fan right away, using the shimmy, rocking on the strip, or interleaving method. The delicate glue strips allow you to remove the lashes from the tray without any problems. Remember to choose lashes that are no more than 30% longer than your client's natural lashes, so that they are comfortable to wear without straining natural eyelashes


False eyelashes for volume eyelash extension method are just one of the sensational products you can find in the range of Nanolash products. They are the highest-quality lash care and makeup cosmetics, also eagerly used by professional eyelash artists worldwide.

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FAQ - everything you should know
How to select the lashes properly?
Before selecting false eyelashes, the lash artist performs a thorough analysis of her client's eye and suggests the appropriate eyelash styling method. Once the decision is made, the lash artist selects the appropriate lashes for the chosen style.
Which eyelash extension methods can Nanolash Volume Lashes be used for?
There are three methods of eyelash extensions - classic, volume, and hybrid. Nanolash Volume Lashes are suitable for all of them.
Can you get eyelash extensions while wearing contact lenses?
Contact lenses are not affected by false eyelashes. However, the lash artist will definitely ask you to remove them for the duration of the treatment.
Can lash extensions be applied after eyelash tinting with henna?
They can, but you should maintain a time gap, preferably 48h
Can I place an order if I live abroad?
Yes, we ship our products to many countries around the world. The shipping cost and estimated delivery time depend on the country of delivery. If you want to get information about delivery costs in your country, click the flag button in the website menu and select the language version you are interested in.
What’s the timeline for order fulfillment?
The estimated delivery time is within two business days. The product is delivered by a courier company.
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